Friday, August 03, 2012

Quebec -- Canyon Sainte-Anne

Just a 15-minute drive from Old Quebec on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River lies the village of Saint-Anne. Well-known by locals for its skiing, it's also a religious destination with a huge "basilique" across a parking from an en equally enormous Cyclorama of Jerusalem. Saint-Anne also has a very nice hiking trail located within the Canyon of Saint-Anne complex, with three suspension bridges across one serious gorge. That was our destination on the morning of 3 August to be followed up by a swing around the very pastoral Isle d'Orleans in the afternoon.
The entrance
The buildings reminded us both of summer camp in the midwest
After paying the admission fee we strolled down a curious path lined with wooden creatures

the first bridge
looking toward the next set of bridges

the second bridge, with a zip line
from below

the second bridge tended to move -- a lot -- making not a few folks a bit uneasy 

for an additional 20 bucks one could cross using the zip line

walking down (which meant walking up) 183 stairs to the third and last bridge


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