Friday, August 03, 2012

Quebec -- Isle d'Orleans

After leaving the wonders of Saint-Anne, we headed back in the direction of Quebec but then turned off at the sole bridge to the Isle d'Orleans. A very pastoral setting, the island boasts only farms with a few scattered tiny villages of second homes belonging to wealthy Quebecois.  The island is well-known in Quebec for its artisan products: maple syrup, wine made from various fruits and cheese.

 We spent the afternoon circumnavigating the island, stopping every so often when something caught our eye, whether it was to taste wines (Vignoble Saint Petronille), to explore a chocolate museum (really a candy shop) -- both in Saint Petronille, to stroll around a rural parish cemetery along the river, to discover local cassis (Cassis Monna & Filles), to wander around an outdoor maritime museum (oddly enjoyable and yet there was little there) or have a bite of lunch at the Cafe & Bistro de la Plage cafe right on the water (nice but not remarkable).
view of Quebec from Saint Petronille
Vignoble Saint Petronille

the vineyards

the maritime museum --- hmmmmmm

a fish weir - dropped on the river floor used to trap eels

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