Monday, October 15, 2012

Columbus Day Weekend in New England

It was a gorgeous weekend here in New England, just about perfect to celebrate the landing of Christopher Columbus somewhere else and very far away. Nope, I have no idea why it's such a big holiday here -- and believe me, it is BIG!

I suppose the locals consider it an opportunity to enjoy one final look at summer before the snows begin and winter grips us by the throat, refusing to let go until spring wrenches the planet back to normalcy.

So, we joined the crowds and headed over to North Scituate, just west of Providence for their major art festival for the year. Then, on Sunday we drove to Cambridge and strolled through Mount Auburn Cemetery, stopping for a snack at nearby Sofra (a place once near and dear to Rosemary's heart, eh?)

the festival was located right next to Smithfield Cemetery

something to do with cats

Kiss lookalike competitors, obviously


whatever it was it was scrumptious!

Now THIS is a garden cemetery

that's right! Boston in the distance

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