Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at Dick and Dorothy's house 2012

As we have done for so many years since moving to New England, Susie and I joined Uncle Frank and Aunt Cathy at Dick and Dorothy's house in Douglas, Masschusetts for a Thanksgiving meal of wonderfully delicious food and warm friendship.

This year was a even more special since we were joined by friends Andrea and her mother Barbara (a whiz with a knife, believe me) and Magali and her daughter Melodie.
a beautiful day for lively conversation and sparkling wine
Frank and Cathy listen in
Andrea and Melodie swap tales 
Sister and brother
My favorite French Tarte
Magali, making two points. . .  
Andrea's smile tells the tale. . .

Dorothy had everything under control

a perfectly cooked bird who is about to meet its match

With two physicians in the house you knew one was going to grab the knife

mother and daughter
While there were, as always, plenty of food options available, I have always gone for the basics: turkey, mashed-potatoes-and-gravy, roasted carrot and green beans:

Cathy spruced her plate with a bit of color
And for dessert, the tarte's tart: a layer of caramel nut crunchies quietly hiding beneath a scrumptious chocolate ganache filling, all piled ever so gently into a chocolate tart crust shell.

Thanks, Susie!

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