Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo comes calling

Well, we've had our first truly major snowstorm of the season and let's hope it's our last.

"Blizzard Nemo" blew past New England, rendering thousands of homes in eastern RI without power and leaving in his wake some two feet of snow. Now, two feet is beautiful in the woods or on the mountain tops but in parking lots and on city streets is a nightmare.

Still, lots of folks were out on Saturday once the storm subsided, dragging kids or sleds of both around the streets looking for that magical slope. Our plow guy came early Saturday afternoon and spent a couple of hours working to clean out our parking lot and free our trapped cars.

Since the governors of Massachusetts and RI called for a ban on travel for late Friday, on Thursday many business and schools were already planning to be closed; and so I had a day off on Friday. Susie decided to stay closed Saturday and eventually cancelled her class for Sunday. So the two of us spent our time watching the approaching storm from the comfort of a warm home.

the storm approacheth . . .  out of our third-floor window

aftermath . . . the back door to our condo building
that's our Mini on the left under all the white. . . 
. . . and after Susie dug the Mini out (she's a true Michigan girl!)
looking out toward Westminster Street
late Saturday afternoon

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