Sunday, August 11, 2013

A stroll through the woods -- Lime Rock Preserve in Lincoln

This past weekend was gorgeous here in Rubeworld -- and after so much heat and humidity we were certainly ready for it. Susie taught class on saturday and I strolled the outdoor farmer's market at Lippitt Park, picking up some sweet corn for dinner.

But the high point -- pathetic as it may sound -- was a simple 45-minute stroll along an old electric train (possibly Lionel?) rail-bed that once connected Providence with Worcester and vice versa.

We drove north out of Providence about 10 minutes or so and somewhere after turning on Wilbur Road off of Route 246 (Old Louisqueisset Road) we found an unmarked parking area at the trailhead. Although we weren't sure at first but our college educations finally kicked in and we figured it out.

Owned and maintained by the Nature Conservancy the walk showed us just about every shade of green and brown imaginable with nary another color in sight. The comfortable walk took us around a small pond, across a manmade dam and eventually back to our car. So much for the high point of the weekend.

But hey, the corn was delicious.

part of the rail bed was a dramatic cut in the rock

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