Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Van Halsema family reunion at Clear Bottom Lake, the photos

A time for renewal and remembrance as the Van Halsema family gathered at Clear Bottom Lake near Rockford, Michigan.

It had been more than 12 years since the descendants of Emo Van Halsema and Nellie Lucas broke bread together, back in 2001. So much has happened since and all in the blink of an eye.

This past Saturday, August 3, was a gorgeous day to be in Michigan on a lake, sharing fond memories of absent loved ones, joining hearts and hands in fellowship for just the briefest of moments.

Thanks to Jen Galloway, Ruth Quackenbush and Donna Kallemyn for orchestrating the event!

Oh, and don't look for any systematic organization to how the photos are posted here -- there isn't one. I prefer letting your eyes float over each image savoring the moment. The reunion was centered on a time for sharing stories to be sure but for me it was all about just being together. Of course, let's not overlook the possibility that I'm simply too lazy to arrange them in some semblance of order.

And since I'm so sketchy on matching names with some of the faces, I let that one alone as well.

l-r: Donna Kallemyn Lynne Vandepolder Laurie Ten Have -Chapman Frank Van Halsem

left: Ruth Quackenbush

l-r: Melissa Loaney Claire Galloway

Scott Galloway

l-r: Marian Ten HaveBrenda Friedman Jennifer Galloway (front) Donna Kallemyn

Barb Dekorne holding. . . ?

Clark Van Halsema and Mieke Van Halsema

Clark Van Halsema

Melissa Loaney Frank Van Halsema Bernice VandenBerg

Mieke Van Halsema

Jennifer Galloway

Scott Galloway and dick VanHalsema Jr.

Robert Loaney

sisters: Melissa Loaney and Jennifer Galloway

Dave Dekorne

Laurie TenHave-Chapman

Dale Dekorne

Fran Van Halsema

sisters: Marian Ten Have and Helen Vandepolder (right)

Garrett Ten Have-Chapman and Clark Van Halsema (right)


Jack Dekorne Jr.

Wilma and Jack Dekorne


Susie and Sharon

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