Thursday, August 08, 2013

VandenBergs and Joan Dekorne at Overview, September 1970?

During the Van Halsema family reunion at Clear Bottom Lake this past weekend, Aunt Fran brought lots of photos she had accumulated hoping someone would be interested in at least a few of them. Well, I certainly was curious, at least in a couple that included the VandenBerg side of the family out at the original Overview cottage circa 1970.

Stamped September 1970 on the back I thought someone out there might have more information than we can glean just from the photo itself:

OK so that's the old cottage in the back -- and this is Joan Delorne!

Tunis VandenBerg on the far left, son Dick (?) next and then. . . ?

Susie VandenBerg and her dad Tunis

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