Friday, October 18, 2013

RISD Art sale, East Bay Bike Path, Scituate Art Festival and Beef Stew in Massachusetts

A week ago autumn colors here in the greater Providence area struggled to restrain themselves from rushing headlong into winter and so there was still: plenty of green/to be seen. Last Monday being "Columbus Day," an official holiday here -- although why they celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus here in New England escapes me -- I had the day off and the weather cooperated as well, giving us a gorgeous fall weekend!

While Susie was teaching class a week ago today, Saturday  I scooted over to downtown Providence to catch the annual art sale put on by Rhode Island School of Design. This was my first time. . . and probably my last.

A couple of blocks of Benefit Street was closed off for the event and there were indeed lots of folks out and about -- but nothing terribly exciting about the art except for the prices. . .

On Sunday, we spent a warm, sunny hour or so walking along the East Bay Bike Path in East Providence, a wonderful place to getaway just five minutes from our home. Colors were just starting to turn. . .

low tide

Low tide often reveals some of the less savory aspects of the East Bay Bike path and points us to the past when much of this area was rife with industrial:

the navel patrol. . . 
On Sunday we drove out to western Rhode Island to the Scituate Art Festival. One of the major events in RI it's always heavily attended and jam packed with lots of cool art, some kitschy crap and comfort food (think ribs and BBQ chicken) -- but it's always worth the trip. And for us, well, for two years in a row we stop and pick up some of the funkiest little handmade glasses. . . unevenly cut, hand-painted by Neal Drobnis of North Scituate.

Neal Drobnis

From Scituate we continued westward heading into northeastern Connecticut before turning north in to Massachusetts and then back east in the direction of Douglas. We ended a wonderful day at Dick and Dorothy's house where we feasted on scrumptious beef stew with fresh-picked green beans right out of Dor's garden. A great way to spend a holiday weekend!

beef stew and fresh beans out of Dor's garden!

kitchen prep

Susie not letting me take her picture

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