Sunday, November 03, 2013

French Tarte is back open for business at the Winter Farmers Market

Yesterday, Saturday, was a gorgeous day with autumn still in full color overdrive; a beautiful day for the kickoff of the Winter Farmer's Market here in the greater Providence area. Farm Fresh Rhode Island coordinates most of the major farmers markets in the state and in the winter time they bring together a large number of local producers under one big roof, the Hope Artiste Village right across the city line in Pawtucket (less hassles than in Providence). This year it's even bigger and they've now expanded into the other hall of the old mill building complex.

But the increased space didn't seem to affect the French Tarte's business -- trade was brisk, lots of regulars from last year and she sold out nearly everything except a half dozen caramel pecan buns. Tres cool!

Anyway, besides myself -- doing little else than work the retail side -- Susie had Kelli Rae to help out for a few hours a week, including Saturday market retail, until Lee returns from Paris later this month.

I made good use of the opportunities: Schartner's Farm for potatoes and carrots, Mello Farm for their yellow beans -- they claimed no frost yet and their beans looked superb -- and a stalk of brussel sprouts from Freedom Hill Farm.

hallway in front of the Tarte's pastry studio
the new added space
at the opening bell

croissant aux amandes

Bouchon -- just imagine buttermilk pancakes

pumpkin pepita tarts

orange cream with blackberry brioche - twice baked

the short bread bar!

at the opening bell

Matcha (Japanese green tea) raspberry financier


apricot ginger financier

raspberry pistachio breton tart

vanilla bean flan

four hours later -- all that's left at the end!

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