Sunday, November 10, 2013

French Tarte's second Saturday

This past Saturday, the Tarte's second retail day of the farmers market season, went off without a hitch. Once again nearly everything sold -- except for four large tarts. Business was brisk and sales were better than last week. Not too bad at all.  And Kelli Rae was on hand to pitch in as well.

This Saturday was a special day, however, since Susie's sister Joyce dropped by with sister-in-law Dorothy. Joyce had driven down from her home in Maine the day before and the two gals came by the shop bright and early Saturday. Always nice to see their smiles poking through the door and after a brief chat with the Tarte they went off exploring the newly expanded market. Anyway, we would see both again later that evening at Dick and Dorothy's in Douglas, MA, along with Dick and Susan's Uncle Frank. Unfortunately, Aunt Cathy was still under the weather and had to beg off from traveling. Her wit and charm would be sorely missed.

Overall, the day went well and the Tarte put out most of her usual array of goodies along with one or two new treats.
apple tart right out of the oven
shortbread bar is open!
Susie, Dorothy and Joyce (l-r)

pecan caramel bun
raspberry pistachio financier

what do you get when you mix flan filling with croissant dough? a flan bun

sisters: Joyce and Susie around Dick and Dorothy's table
siblings: Dick, Joyce and susie

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