Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas week in Providence

So, we didn't go to Michigan for Christmas. On the face of it, Susan and I were saddened by the fact that we wouldn't be with her mother for Christmas. We were relieved, however, by not having to drive in such prolonged nasty weather with the promise of more to come while we hunkered down in western Michigan praying for a glimmer of sun to lead us home.

The good news was that Bernice enjoyed a wonderful Christmas get-together with the Ten Have-Chapman side of the family in the greater Rockford area while we spent Christmas day at Dick and Dorothy's in Douglas, MA, along with Frank, Cathy and Mieke. Friendly, family, tasty food and a warm house in winter. A pretty good way to spend December 25.

Susie and Mieke

dining in the sun room

cauliflower soup - Dor is the queen of soups!

Cathy wondering how she got involved with such a crazy crew

Dick querying Mieke


beef (or boeuf) bourguignon, mashies and green beans
We no sooner returned home after Christmas dinner  than we turned around and came back to Douglas for another family dinner. OK, so we waited a day, that's true -- and it was nice to see niece Mallory (all the way up from Texas) and her dad Steele (all the way down from Worcester -- pronounced Wooster - and no, I don't know why).

Another tasty meal two days in a row, this time Dorothy's classic meat loaf and mashed potatoes (de rigueur), accompanied by lots of smiling faces (compliments of Mallory, Dick, Susie and Steele, all of  whom led the field that evening in happy faces).

Dorothy and Mallory in the kitchen

Dick and Steele sharing a moment of a tale well told

Daughter and father

Two days later we were out again for dinner, this time a simple four-block walk to Andrea's apartment. Joined by Andrea's mom the inimitable Barbara F. and Dick and Dorothy the four of us shared a lively evening of good wine and scrumptious food: slow-cooked chicken with root vegetables. It was a quiet, star-studded night as we strolled the 5 minutes it took us to get back home.

Not a bad way to spend a Christmas week totally unplanned and yet so completely satisfying.

Barbara and Susie

Dick taking a break from papers and grading


Dorothy tells a story that captures Dick's smile

Next up: Happy New Year to you!

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