Friday, December 13, 2013

Mid-December update from Providence

Winter's efforts to gain a foothold here in the greater Providence area have so far met with dismal failure. Granted, temperatures in recent days have been arctic in quality but what little snow swirled here the other day melted as soon as it hit the pavement. So far so good.

Word is, though, a snowstorm is heading this way culminating in anywhere from 2 inches to a foot by the end of the weekend. We'll see.

Meanwhile, we've had a few opportunities to get out of the house.

We joined a rather eclectic group of Franks and Francophiles earlier in the week to say au revoir to Stephanie and Olivier Naudo as they pack up and move to Singapore. Stephanie has been one of the French Tarte's biggest supporters and we hate to see her go. She's also a genuinely pleasant person to be around; and there aren't many of those in this world.

Still, there were still plenty of smiling faces that evening in the Skyline Lounge of Lang's Bowlarama, with most everyone speaking French, punctuating their words with  hands swirling in the air making a point, adding a graceful touch to a phrase.
Stephanie and Susie

Susan and Isabelle

One evening we stopped by Lady Finger Press in Hope Artiste Village for a reception with wine and cheese. Known locally for their unique printing styles -- using only vintage cast-iron, hand-crank printing presses, Lady Finger is made of a small band of serious French Tarte afficionados. Plus, it was a blast to watch Kelli and Susie cranking out their own cards. . .

After our stop at Lady finger Press's reception we headed over to nearby Pho Horn for stunningly unremarkable food in an incredibly dreary location.

scallion pancakes
Pad Thai

fried rice
And of course the French Tarte had her door open and pastries out at the Saturday Farmer's Market.

Kelli steeling herself for the mad rush. . . 

beginning of the market

and the end!

apple tart

bouchon -- buttermilk cake balls rolled in coriander sugar

pumpkin pepita tart

pear ginger tart

croissant aux mandes


hazelnut financier

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