Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner in Douglas

What with early release for me last Wednesday and then two days off for Thanksgiving, I've had a nice long weekend to think about the future. I've decided that for the moment we're going to let the future take care of itself while we get on with enjoying the present.

And as part of that strategy we spent a lovely Thanksgiving at Dick and Dorothy's home in Douglas, MA. For some years now they've been opening their home to a variety of family and friends to come, sit, swap stories,  and share a traditional (and traditionally delicious) meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and a variety of fall vegetables.

This year friends Barbara and Andrea rejoined us and brought along both a soup and roasted Brussel sprouts for sides. Friend Lee, who has been helping out in Susie's shop and who had just returned from tackling the basic pastry program at Le Cordon in Paris, came along with us and brought a couple of bottles of sparkling. Uncle Frank, Cathy and Mieke also joined us; it was nice to have Cathy's wit and Mieke's smile with us once again.

The event kicked off about 2pm and we all paced ourselves throughout the afternoon until we sat for the meal -- good food paired with good wine and lively conversation. One could hardly have planned a better way to spend a holiday.

It was dark, crisp and cold by the time we rolled out to our car and cruised back to Providence, satiated both in body and spirit.

father and daughter sharing a moment of laughter

Dick documenting a moment and Andrea contemplating an idea

Barbara works on her soup while being amazed at Dorothy

Dick staying on top of the dishes

Dorothy and Barbara putting the finishing touches on the meal


the unveilling. . . 

I was tasked with carving -- not a pretty picture

Dorothy wondering if everything is ready

root vegetable soup

the French Tarte

the spread

I kept my focus: beans, turkey and mashed potatoes

Lee and Dick share a thought

mother and daughter: Barbara and Andrea

Mieke takes charge of the dishwashing

desserts compliments of the French Tarte: a ricotta tart with raspberry sauce and  a pear cornmeal cake  imbibed with rosemary infused syrup topped with chantilly cream

mother and daughter: Mieke and Cathy

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Mannie Gentile said...

What a jolly time, but no pictures of the photographer.