Monday, January 20, 2014

French Tarte back in full swing

Well, the French Tarte's been back in full swing for the past two Saturdays and so far so good.
Everything sold both days; the last two photos in this post give you some idea of what that phenomenon looks like.

Lee was back in the kitchen the first Saturday and although she had to be out this past Saturday she did add her own Gateau chocolat de la Maison to the lineup -- they were quickly gobbled up (no pun intended but I'll take it).

macaron a l'ancienne -- a recipe from Clothilde Dusoulier's new French Market cookbook

twice-baked brioche with berry and pastry cream

lemon ricotta cake

bouchon -- buttermilk cakes rolled in coriander sugar

croissant aux amandes - twice baked croissants with almond cream

gateau chocolat de la maison -- chocolate pound cake dipped in chocolate ganache topped with almond crunchies

caramel nut tart - five different nuts mixed with homemade caramel

pear ginger financier - cakes made with almond flour and browned butter

lemon financier - same as above but with lemon curd baked inside

apple cherry tart

croissants and pain au chocolat

pistachio pithivier - homemade puff pastry baked with pistachio cream

Earl Grey madeleines

pain au chocolat

here we go. . .

that's it until next week!

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