Thursday, May 05, 2016

Remembering Marian June

The Van Halsema and Ten Have clans gathered together once again but this time it was not to celebrate a holiday but a to celebrate a life well-lived by a person well-loved.

Reception at the church in Rockford between visitation services in Rockford:

The Loaneys (that's Melissa in the center with her three boys) and Aunts Helen (Van Halsema Vandepolder and Bernice Van Halsema VandenBerg

Mieke Van Halsema and with her Uncle John Ten Have (Jim and Greta DeKorne in the background)

Dick Van Halsema Jr. and his mother Thea

Aunt Betsy Van Halsema DeKorne and her niece Melissa Ten Have Loaney

Aunt Helen Van Halsema Vandepolder

Aunt Helen and Matt Makowski

Matt and Uncle Frank Van Halsema

Cathy Van Halsema and Aunt Betsy

l-r: James Ten Have-Chapman, Garrett Ten Have-Chapman, Joe Ten Have-Chapman and Matt Makowski


Mieke and Uncle John

Brenda Van Halsema Friedman and Garrett Ten Have-Chapman

aunts Cathy Van Halsema and Fran Van Halsema

The following day the family gather out at Clear Lake to continue the celebration:

Scott Galloway

Cathy Van Halsema and Bernice Van Halsema VandenBerg

Jeff Loaney

Scott leads the group on a circuit around the lake

A stop to talks trees

Claire cuts up

Jen Galloway

Marian would have loved being in this picture

the Ten Have kids with their Aunt Fran: Melissa, Jen and Garrett
Thanks, Marian. Gotta go the squirrels are calling me. . .

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