Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy Fifth of July from Rhode Island

We passed the Fourth here in Providence staying cool although we did get  out and discover a bit more about this corner of the planet.

We enjoyed a wonderful Saturday grillfest down at Point Judith with Andie and her mom Barbara, and Dick and Dorothy as well -- flank steak on the grill, delicious potato salad and Susie brought dessert, of course: coconut pound cake with lime sherbet topped with Chantilly cream and candied pecans. Not bad!

Saturday we braved the heat and headed off to Lincoln, RI, just a few miles up Route 146 to catch the latest Cruise-Diaz action flick: "Knight and Day." Lots of great lines, plenty of action, really quite fun -- rather like the "screwball" comedies of the 1930s, actually. Just don't pay much attention to plot lines or be finicky about story details and you'll enjoy it.

We then walked a bit at nearby Lincoln Woods state park -- a place we've often seen from the highway but never visited -- until yesterday. Wonderful little lake, with kayak and boat rentals to boot!

After dinner -- burgers on the grill with Bern's broccoli-cauliflower salad -- we watched "Stolen," a mystery about missing children, and a story well told, which we rather enjoyed. The evening was finished off with a quick drive to Davol Square, where I work, parked right along the river and watched some spectacular fireworks. The city can't fix the streets -- the idea or competence eludes them -- but man, oh man, can they lay on the visual display!

Otherwise, things are quiet here in the Ocean State -- Susie leaves Tazza the end of this coming week. Not her cup of tea as it turns out. But then I didn't want her to do the gig in the first place. But she had to work -- that Midwest Dutch work ethic -- and now she feels even more directed to turn toward "Sweet Nell's Baking Co." Not her own shop -- not anytime soon, at any rate, but her doing her own thing.

Has a pretty fine ring to it, don't you think?

In the meantime, I've posted a few visuals of my own:

Susie helping Emily Luchetti prep the dessert for Sakonnet Vineyard's 35th anniversary party

Melissa and Daniel's wedding in 2003 (sorry Mel, I didn't have many photos)

And lastly, an animated version of Rachel getting married.

Take care, stay cool and be well! Life is short, remember.



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