Sunday, March 16, 2014

French Tarte sellout - the ides of March in Pawtucket

Well, there were a couple of new items this week: a cherry almond turnover and an orange olive oil cake, along with the regular lineup. As usual, everything sold -- thank the gods -- but the remarkable thing was, sales were the highest in a long time.

The reason: Susie and Lee made more stuff this week. Good crowds and gorgeous weather helped too, of course.
cherry almond turnover

flan parisien - vanilla bean custard

berry almond Breton tart

caramel nut tart

the large version

pear ginger financier

Bouchon - buttermilk cakes rolled in butter and coriander sugar
chocolate hazelnut torte
chocolate moelleux
lemon ricotta cake
orange olive oil cake
apricot flan bun

croissant aux amandes

apple tart

Thursday, March 13, 2014

French Tarte pastries sellout at the Winter Farmers Market - Saturday March 8

macaron l'ancienne - hazelnut merinque with chocolate ganache filling

lemon tart with whipped lemon mascarpone on top

berry Breton tart

caramel nut tart

Matcha berry financier

chocolate moelleux

croissant aux amandes

gateau Breton - Breton butter cake

chausson aux pommes - apple turnovers

bouchon - butter cakes rolled in coriander sugar

pain aux chocolat

Monday, March 03, 2014

Back at the French Tarte's -- Last Saturday

With a week off doing virtually and practically nothing but contemplating the ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I decided to return to my role as Primary Box Assembler and Front house Greeter for the French Tarte. It was another near-sellout day, although traffic seemed a bit less heavy than in previous weeks.

Anyway it was nice to be back. . .

bouchon - buttermilk cakes rolle din coriander sugar

matcha raspberry financier

hazelnut financiers

croissant aux amandes

chocolate moeleux

ricotta mascarpone fruit tart

cherry almond Breton tart

apple feuilletee - inside out chauson aux pommes

gateau Breton

pear cornmeal cake