Saturday, September 18, 2010

We have to go back to Paris

Well actually, if truth be told (and why not?), we have to go back to France. That’s right. This Christmas and New Year’s Susie and I plan to return to the land of our rebirth. (Though we were reconceived in Italy.)

(Place Clichy, Paris,  c. 1890-1900)

Now, as some of you might recall I was scheduled to join Susie this past spring in Paris. But new employment altered those plans, for me at any rate, and so I remained here in Providence while Susie spent a wonderful month enjoying the sights, sounds, smells of being, being, being in Paris.

(Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, c. 1890-1900

Not to let the airlines simply walk away with my money for no service, I opted to reschedule my ticket for the end of the year. (Even then it cost me extra but, and this is key, going back is worth it.)

(Chamber of Deputies, Paris, c. 1890-1900

And so the other day (God how I love just saying with such a matter-of-fact air), the other day I bought Susie a ticket for the same flight: Air France from Boston to Paris. We leave Christmas Day and return on 8 January.

First stop is Paris for and then, we hope, a week in Brittany. TGV to Rennes, rent a car and drive to a tiny cottage just northeast of Vannes, at a little place called Le Gohic. To be followed by plenty of cider, galettes, crepes of all shapes and colors, white wine from the Loire, and whole fields of stone sculptures and megaliths older than the pyramids to explore.

The one sour note is, we have round trip tickets. But then life is full of tradeoffs.

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