Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paris Travel Plans - the lodging part

view from our apartment but without the leaves
OK, we have a place to stay in Paris. No surprise here, though: it's the sweet 4th floor apartment on rue General Renault in the 11th, a place we've come to know well and a place to call home even for a few days. We love the location; just a few blocks down from Pere Lachaise and a few blocks from Place Leon Blum up Avenue Parmentier. 

(In case you need to know, Parmentier is the guy who not only brought the potato to France but persuaded everyone to eat it. Really. In those days, the 18th century days when texting was still new and largely untried, there were many folks who believed the potato was unhealthy and some were even convinced it caused leprosy. Go figure. we now know  that touch screens cause leprosy. Oh, and by the way, he's buried in Pere Lachaise, division 39.)

So we arrive in the City of Light early Sunday morning and after we pass through the bureaucratic entanglements we'll grab the RER into the city, and either change to the Metro or the bus at Gare du Nord, and get off at or near St. Ambroise. A short two-block walk, a la schlepping, unlock the door (digicode of course), up four flights of stairs and voila! 

We're home.

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Patrycja said...

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