Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update from Providence: a shooting, solitude and the French Tart

A little before 8am, Saturday, March 19, we were lounging in bed having our first cup of coffee enjoying the quiet of a weekend morning in the city when we were snapped out of our reverie by more than a dozen police cars zooming in from every direction and pulling up in front of the condo complex across the street.

Popping out of their cars and grabbing flak jackets from the trunks the police started surrounding the building, a few actually going inside, guns drawn.

Although someone had in fact been shot -- we saw him walking out of the building, with the assistance of paramedics and clutching a pillow to his upper body -- it didn't seem serious.

According to local news he had been shot by his roommate who was found soon afterwards, walking down Cranston Street still carrying the gun.

Later that day the sky turned  a gorgous blue although the air remained quite chilly and Susie and I headed out to the East Bay bike path to bask in the sunshine and center our karmas.

And just in case you forgot  what truly incredible pastries look like:




Pear-Blackberry tart

More profiteroles

Fruit-filled almond cakes

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