Sunday, May 29, 2011

Italy 1994 - the beginning

In June of 1994 Susie and I jumped off the deep end of travel, so to speak. For our first trip abroad together we decided to fly to Europe, rent a car, rent not one but two houses, drive around for about a month, experiencing what it might be like for two strangers living in a strange land. For nearly half of that time we were joined by Susie's brother Dick and his wife Dorothy, avid travelers to Europe also willing to try out this idea of tourists living abroad.

We flew into Zurich, rented our car (a VW Passat), headed south and drove the back roads over the Italian Alps,dodging the insame motorcyclists, to the Italian city of Merano, staying the Castel Freiburg perched on one of the hills overlooking the valley, then down to Umbertide in Umbria for a a week, and on to Vagliagli just north of Siena for two weeks where Dick and Dorothy joined us from Rome. Susie and I ended our trip in Bellagio on Lake Como for the final few days in Italy before crossing back into Switzerland.

Over 5,000 kilometers of incredible food, wonderful wines and an experience that defined the very concept of travel for the two of us and set the tone for every trip we've taken since.

So, here's a quick peek at those heady days of cheap lira, inexpensive Brunellos and no mobile devices:

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