Saturday, July 30, 2011

Off to Maine

We scooted out of Providence ahead of weekend traffic a shade after 1pm Friday, slipped right onto I-95 and pointed the car north. Less than five hours later, at just about dinner time, we pulled into the Bergman driveway in a quiet residential neighborhood in Orono,just a few miles beyond Bangor. The air was clean, crisp and cool, no sirens and no grit, just the quiet of the Great North. After we settled in, Susie, Joyce and Carl and I headed up the street to Woodman's Grill for a game of pool and burgers. These two things had been on my mind all week long and we were not disappointed:
Susie playing pool at Woodman's in Orono
The Stout Berger - beer-braised beef with bacon
Saturday morning Susie had a treat in store for the rest of us -- fresh, homemade sticky buns with a twist: mashed bananas and ginger in the dough, oozing homemade caramel:

We lounged about for the morning, chatting, enjoying a beautiful Saturday in the north woods of Maine. Peace and quiet aside, we came also for the water so we packed up some snacks, filled the water bottles and the four of us piled into our car and headed south by southeast in search of The Big Chicken Barn and, if the weather cooperated, a return to Schoodic Point.

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Melissa said...

Ah, Woodmans. Ah, pool. Ah, Woodmans burgers. Good times!