Sunday, August 07, 2011

Our 28th anniversary

Although we celebrated 30 years together this past June, yesterday, August 6,  marked our 28th year of marriage.  It should also be noted that we were married on a Saturday in weather not unlike what we experienced yesterday: humid, warm  with rain in the offing. We could never have imagined the places we would go. . .

Oddly enough, though we spent a quiet anniversary this year -- in the morning we attended an investment put on by Investors Business Daily in Waltham, MA -- learned a few of the basics about technical analysis and how to read charts! Cool, eh?!

After the excitement in the first half of the day we thought to spend a little down time before heading south to Narragansett and having dinner with Andrea and her mom and Matt and Susan. We sat outside, chatted about one thing and another while we started off off with some delicious nibbles -- including Humboldt Fog and sparkling wine from Westport Rivers, launching into several homemade salads and grilled chicken. The evening's culinary portion was finished off by homemade almond buttercrunch ice cream and these scrumptious dacquoise sandwiches Susie created: filled with salted caramel and chocolate ganache! Whoa!!

Humboldt Fog cheese

Andrea livens things up a bit

Matt contemplates all the great food and wine

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