Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Refund from Locaboat

As is typical in today's world of electronic money transfer when it comes to taking your money it happens almost instantaneously -- but when it comes to getting it back, say in the way of a refund it can take many days if not several weeks.

That's not the case with Locaboat. Once I asked our agent Roger Van Dyken to initiate a refund, it was just a few days before our credit card was, well, credited.

A good lesson though: no matter how far ahead of your booking date you cancel your Locaboat reservation, you will pay a hefty "administrative" fee, no matter what (€`150). Unless you take out trip/travel insurance, the premium for which might be larger than the fee.  In all fairness to Roger strongly warned us about the importance of taking out trip cancellation insurance but we've never done it before and so. . . . Say goodbye. . . for now:

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