Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whale watching on a Sunday

This past Sunday Susie and made our third attempt to see whales off the coast of Boston. Tthe first time we headed out to sea was last fall and we saw nary a whale or any other marine life for that matter. But the folks who operate the cruises guarantee whales and so they gave us a raincheck to come back anytime within the next year. We tried several weeks ago but the weather was so bad they cancelled the trip.

So here we are, one more time -- and this time we saw whales!

Not sure what the problem was here. . . 

Thar she blows!

Heading back

Back ashore

If you decide to go whalewatching a couple of tips: pick your spot early, preferably near the front of the boat along the railing for the best view -- up top works well also; but near the rail is key. Oh and bring a lunch and plenty of water. . .

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