Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Weekend at the French Tarte at the Winter Farmer's Market

Winter weather here in Rhode Island ("voh dilund") has been on-again, off-again; cold temps, snow showers, snow flurries, snow storms, ya want snow, we got it!

Anyway, right now it's on again.

Several inches are expected to fall Tuesday and that should make for a fun commute for most of us downtowners. Of course, we've been spared some of the more terrible aspects of winter to date: nightmarish inch-thick layers of ice that hit much of the Souther tier of the eastern US and the major snowfall that has inundated western Michigan.

Work has been good for both of us: the French Tarte continues to sell out each Saturday and beginning last Friday she's now open on Fridays as well. Susie and Lee area doing a brisk trade, as they say, and why not? No one else around these parts even comes close to making such incredibly delicious, handmade French-style pastries.

Otherwise, things have been quiet here, without any detectable excitement. No recent day trips, no incredible dining experiences; just good food at home and counting the days until we head off to England and the ancient past following those long-gone of Roman legions striding up and down Northumberland.
cherry almond Breton tart

chocolate hazelnut truffle tart

vanilla bean flan

matcha raspberry financier

pear ginger financier

chocolate moelleux

lemon ricotta cake

rustic dacquoise with salted caramel filling

croissant aux amandes

apple puff

end of the day. . . 

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