Sunday, July 06, 2014

A very brief trip to Maine for family and food

It was overcast and chilly this past Saturday morning when we climbed into our car -- the blue Sube, old blue, blue gal, etc. -- and headed north to Maine. The idea, such as it was, would be to rendezvous with Susan's mom, sister, brother-in-law, Jonathan, Naomi and the newest member of the family, Adaline in the greater Bangor area.

My mother-in-law flew out to see her latest great-grandchild, Adeline, daughter of Jonathan and Naomi -- arriving late Friday night and we thought we'd scoot northwards and say hi. So we did.

Traffic was light and we made it in just about 4.5 hours. Not bad considering the several stops along the way.

Anyway, once we arrived in Hampden, just short of Bangor, we stopped first at Jonathan and Naomi's house catching our first glimpse of Miss Addie and her great-grandmother, too, of course. After a brief chat and tour we all went across the street to Joyce's apartment where we had lunch.

From Joyce's apartment we head to Oron and 9 Cromwell where we would all reunite for dinner and where Susie and I were spending the night.

After the group arrived Joyce set up her computer so gram and great-gram could Skype with Melissa and the Parker clan deep in the heart of Texas.  (Melissa is Joyce's daughter, and the kids online were Levi, Lucas and Caroline.) The Parker kids and their antics produced lots of smiles and laughs all the way up in Maine, and I've got the photos to prove it:

Mother and daughter talking to mother and daughter. . . or rather granddaughter and great-granddaughter

And of course, there was lots of time spent holding little Adaline. Something about a baby that makes us all slip a little in time. . .

Great-gram, Addie and Jonathan

Joyce and her granddaughter


Bernice, the Great-Gram
For dinner we had chicken on the grill (marinated in something from Soy Veh no less) with grilled corn on the cob (in the husk), pasta salad, roasted broccoli and Susie's tasty berry almond cake with ice cream.

Not a bad way to spend an evening -- now if the gods would just stop toying with us. . . .

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