Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Color touring in the Catskills, visiting the Archers in Prattsville and then dinner in Douglas

After we left the Clark in Williamstown, dodging the rain to get to the car, we headed back south. Our destination for the day was the Archer home in Prattsville, New York, deep in the heart of the northern Catskills. The rain pretty much stayed with us the remainder of the day as we drove down various byways of western Massachusetts and eastern New York.

We eventually found our way back to the New York Thruway (I-90) and near Albany picked up I-87 south, exiting at Route 23. We climbed the mountain near Durham and drove through familiar territory passing through Windham and Ashland before turning off into the wild woods just short of the village of Prattsville.

Don and Gloria were there to welcome us into their warm home where we sat and shared all the latest developments in both our families. Dinner that evening was a variant of pot roast with roasted potatoes, squash and carrots, tiny green beans lightly fried and the last of the local corn. Dessert was provided by the French Tarte: a chocolate bread pudding with mascarpone whipped cream. Delicious, comfort food outmatched only by the warm hospitality of our hosts.

We chatted on into the evening but sleep got the better of us and before long we were tucked in bed. I did scoot outside briefly in the drizzle to savor the quiet and pitch dark skies.

The next morning began as different from the previous one as night is from day.  The sun filled the rooms with light and the hills were ablaze with the colors of autumn -- a much-appreciated by-product of our short trip out from Providence.

Conversations continued over coffee and Susie's brioche and bouchons and we provided much-needed solutions to the world's pressing problems.

There was no putting off the reality that we were going to have to leave -- and so we said our good-byes. In our nomadic lives, the style we have chosen, the few friends we have are scattered far and wide and so it is always a bit melancholy to say adieu.

A bientot!

off the back porch

off the back porch

the new siding and red door

looking up the road toward the house

It was a slow drive back east and to Douglas for dinner at dick and Dorothy's home. We cruised down the Mass Pike, I-90 to I-395 and then south to Route 16.

A quarter past 5pm we pulled into Dick and Dorothy's driveway. They had glasses of sparkling wine chilled and ready to hand out as soon as walked in the door. A light appetizer was followed by more incredible food, the last of their green beans a new pork tenderloin recipe, scalloped potatoes (yeah!), capped off by one of Dorothy's apple pies, a la mode, of course.

 It had been a whirlwind trip to be sure but we saw stunning color and caught up with old friends in the Catskills and the Berkshires.

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