Monday, November 30, 2015

No longer Rhode Islanders

Effective as of 10:12 this morning Susan and I are no longer Rhode Islanders.

Even though we lost money, after months of persistence and perseverance John Chapski of Coldwell Banker sold our condo; one chapter in our life closed just as we open a new one here in Michigan.

We're not suffering from any sense of loss -- except for the cash we had to pay out -- and are happy to be rid of what had become a serious millstone around our necks. There are a handful of people we will certainly miss and we did have some wonderful experiences in New England to be sure. Susie found her way in the wide world of pastry beginning at Gracie's and ending with her own pastry studio in Hope Artiste Village. And me? Well, I continue to manage Johnson & Wales' image library at least for the time being.

Life is good, short but good.

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