Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas in West Michigan

Time flies when you're having fun. Christmas and the New Year have come and gone. Life is good here and even though it's snowing right now, we're in Michigan and things have worked out surprisingly well.

We had a pleasant holiday season --  I trust you can say the same --- with a stop at Meijer Gardens to check out their holiday decorations, a nice quiet Christmas morning with Susan's mom and a Christmas dinner  in Rockford at the home of Laurie and Garret Ten Have-Chapman, one of Susie's cousins. Lots of good food, warm conversation and incredibly happy people.

Susie's caramel-nut tart, one of Christmas treats

Susie's Christmas present to me


Susie and cousin Jen

nephew Matt and friend


Claire, Scott and Garrett

niece Lisa


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