Saturday, October 29, 2016

A slightly colorful update from Grand Rapids

The weather has turned colder, with on-again, off-again rain and the leaves are starting to drop, as they do about this time of year. But a few days ago things in western Michigan were more summer-like, Indian Summer anyway.

Oh, and yes I finished my presentation on Paris Cemeteries at Aquinas College this past Wednesday -- I had an absolutely grand time, a real blast I might've said in 1972, and they’ve asked me to come back for a Part 2 (and 3 if I’m up for it).

Susie will be partnering with Patricia Christopher and now has a temporary license to work out of Patricia's Chocolates in Grand Haven, Michigan. It's a 30-40 minute drive from home to the lakeshore and we only have one car but we're going to give it a go. . . Anyway, she'll probably be out there for a few hours 1-2 days a week working primarily on shortbread cookies and Palmiers to sell in the shop and for special orders.

There's also another venue in Grand Haven that has expressed serious interest in her caramel nut tarts and financier almond cakes. The girl is in demand, but what else is new, eh? (working on my Canadianisms in case we have to leave the country November 8).

Anyway, with the weather being quite nice, last Sunday I grabbed my camera and walked over to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Along the way I was able to catch just a glimpse of some wonderful color change in our neighborhood -- plus the mums at Meijer Gardens were spectacular.

our condo, sort of (hidden behind the garages)

just at the entrance to our complex are these gorgeous trees that seem to go on and on

the entrance to the Gardens

part of an indoors exhibition at Meijer Gardens featuring some 11 local artists and their creative views of living in Grand Rapids -- yep, you'll need a program to grasp what they're getting at. . . 

a fascinating untitled bit of metal by Joel Shapiro -- I would have called it ballet dancer but then. . . 

at the entrance to the children's garden

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