Monday, January 30, 2017

Update from Grand Rapids

It's been a sad year here in Grand Rapids and throughout the free world.  For many who believe in such ideals as common decency, respect for others and just trying to be good people, it's been a tragedy beyond measure.

Closer to home the past year has seen additional sadness for our families: three loving aunts have shuffled off this mortal coil, Marian Ten Have, Marian VandenBerg and Thea Van Halsema. They lived their lives according to the faith of their fathers and were, simply and quietly, good people. Our loss is their heaven's gain. . . And my Big Brother answered his final roll call. We often disagreed but I was always in awe of him and what he achieved in his life.

Oh, and I had my second heart attack two days before Thanksgiving. Life is short, go to Paris.

Still, western Michigan has had it's share of good moments: visits with the Galloway-Ten Have clans out at Clear Lake, the sheer pleasure of visiting Meijer Gardens after dark before Christmas to see the miniature villages, dinner with a friend at the Old Goat pub, seeing the ice waves at Grand Haven State Beach, a city-wide wine tasting in Grand Haven where Patricia's Chocolate put on not just wonderful treats -- and Susie was there sampling her shortbreads -- but wonderful live cello music in the bargain.

I'll leave you with three images of treats for the eye, the mouth and the soul. . . compliments of the French Tarte!

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