Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Sunday was Father's Day here in the USA, and we made the most of gorgeous weather right here in West Michigan. Before heading out to Clear Lake to be with the Ten Have-Chapman and Galloway clans, we stopped by Woodlawn Cemetery to pay our respects to a pair of special fathers. We made our way to visit Tunis VandenBerg and say hi.

Afterwards Bernice and Susan visited Emo Van Halsema, Bernice's father and Susie's grandfather, to pay their respects as well.

From the cemetery we made our way to US 131 and headed north to 10 Mile Road and Clear Lake for an afternoon of warm conversation, good food and lots of stories.

While there's always plenty of good conversation to be found outside on the deck, around the table or inside serving food, one of the more interesting events of the evening occurred late in the evening. After dinner was winding down Matt Makowski spent a half hour or so asking his wife Lisa's grandfather John Ten Have, the patriarch of the group, about his early life. Catching only snippets of the dialogue, Matt's genuine interest in the stories of days long gone but whose impact is ever-present in many around the table was fascinating to watch.

Bernice and her niece Jennifer

the setup

Gordon and Bernice
Scott, in between grill duties

the boys: Brenton Smith, Joe and Garrett Ten Have-Chapman

Lisa Makoswki

Maria, Zach and Susie

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