Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lucas family comes to Rhode Island

My brother Greg Lucas and his wife Joyce and their two kids, Olga and Dimitri came to Rhode Island last weekend. (OK, Greg and I are half-brothers, but the good half.) They're touring the Northeast and had spent two nights in Niagara Falls before making a beeline for the Ocean State. The weather was pretty lousy the entire time they were here, keeping us all pretty much indoors together. As it turned out that wasn't a bad thing at all; it gave us plenty of time to catch up on all the news and stories that had happened since we last saw them in the wilds west of Chicago.

The highlight of our time together was undoubtedly a trip south to Narragansett for dinner with Andrea and her mother Barbara.

Delicious food, great conversation and plenty of time spent just laughing away the evening, while the wind howled and the gods churned the sea just a few meters away.
l-r: Susie, Andrea Barbara and Olga

Dimitri, Greg, Joyce and Olga

Dimitri, Greg, Joyce and Olga

Dimitri, Joyce,  Olga and Greg

These were taken by Andrea:

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