Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sachuest Wildlife Refuge

If you're coming south into Rhode Island, heading toward Newport and you come down Rte 138 to 138A scheming to come into the city from the backdoor, you're likely to turn right on 138A just before you hit the water and head straight west into Newport, past Eastons Beach and the Cliff Walk.

If, on the other hand, you turn left and drive east for about a mile or so, skipping the public beach, you'll find yourself in the tiny but very dramatic little world of Sachuest Wildlife Refuge, a finger of land pointing out to sea.

Looking toward Newport

Hmmm - what's that on my shoe?

Looking toward Newport and south

Looking south

You've been warned

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MomZup said...

You are making me miss Narragansett Bay! What beautiful pictures of the ocean. . .my ocean. I was born in Newport. . .my dad mapped the island of Jamestown for the Soil Conservation Department in the early 50's. Thanks!