Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Grange on Providence's West Side

Well, you've got to take a little bit of the bad with a whole lot of the good, I suppose.

Four of us met up at the new vegetarian restaurant on Providence's West Side last evening. The service was, in a word, great. Not pushy friendly but the kind of witty charm that I'd want my daughter to have (if I had a daughter).

The drinks were fine -- although the Eddy has, we all thought, a more sophisticated grasp of what a true cocktail should be.

Our food arrived in a timely fashion, although business picked up considerably after we arrived. I had the Korean BBQ tacos and two of us had pomme frites. Another had the noodles, my wife had the scallion pancakes with sweet potato crostini, and a fourth had the soup special of the day (scrumptious cauliflower puree). All of us readily agreed that the food was delicious, well-prepared and nicely presented. to repeat, the menu is all vegetarian.

The atmosphere is funky with a corner near the front devoted to swings, small couches of the sort you'd see in someone's sunroom, that sort of thing, all making for a warm feeling, a welcoming touch to be sure.

The single negative vibe for the evening was the noise level.

As more people come in for dinner the noise level increased significantly, abetted by the background music playing -- a phenomenon we all remarked on. Why do so many restaurants play music in the background when you can't really make out who's singing/playing what because the rest of the place is so noisy? Odd we thought.

Oh, and parking is on a very busy street so be prepared to hunt around for a spot.


pomme frites

Korean BBQ tacos

sweet potato crostini

scallion pancakes

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