Monday, September 16, 2013

Out and about in Providence, early September update

Last year the state of Rhode Island and the city of Providence finally tore down a portion of I-195 that had sliced through the city, causing the usual urban decay of the surrounding neighborhoods, spaces that were already in serious trouble. Well, the highway is gone, and some of the property has been sold to local universities to allow expansion of their facilities.

The remainder is now being used by the city to extend streets and make some sense out of their roadway infrastructure. If that's possible. Anyway, here's Friendship Street that will soon extend from downtown (in the background) to the service road next to I-95  (directly behind the camera view shown here).

Moving downtown, as I stepped out for lunch the other day I walked over this bit of interesting graffiti on the pavement near my office.

And from my 5th floor office we have a not-so-scenic view of some of the city rooftops and those individuals in search of solace.

Oh, and then there was the Met Blimp. . .

One of the local downtown clubs catering to the energetic student population, which makes up the driving force of the city at night.

A pulled pork pretzel bread sandwich from Noble Knots, one of the more popular food trucks that abound in the city.

Andrea and her mother Barbara recently joined us for dinner at Nick's on Broadway. Located a 4-block walk from our house and one of the benefits of living in the grit of the city Derek Wagner's class eatery is one of top five favorite places to enjoy a superb meal.

local fluke
fantastic roasted potatoes

pork like you've never had it before

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