Monday, May 26, 2014

Au revoir! The French Tarte closes up shop for good

The French Tarte has closed her space in Hope Artiste Village. She did what she set out to do: own her own pastry and teaching studio where she could make the pastries she wanted when she wanted and sell them to people who walked away happy; and along the way teach other like-minded folks how to make their own delicious French-style treats at home.

It was really that simple.

For the time being she's planning on continuing private classes and special orders.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and just in case you'd forgotten. . .
cherry almond turnover

flan parisien - vanilla bean custard
berry almond Breton tart
caramel nut tart
the large version
pear ginger financier
Bouchon - buttermilk cakes rolled in butter and coriander sugar
chocolate hazelnut torte
chocolate moelleux
lemon ricotta cake
orange olive oil cake
apricot flan bun
croissant aux amandes
apple tart

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