Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Van Halsema family at Overview, Michigan in August of 1980

At a recent gathering of the Van Halsema family out at Clear Bottom Lake near Rockford, Michigan, Aunt Helen brought along a short stack of photos given to her by her son Robert, and she passed them around. They appear to consist primarily of a much earlier family gathering at Overview cottage, located on Lake Michigan north of Grand Rapids.

I've identified a few individuals immediately recognizable to me but I certainly don't know the dates, so if anyone has more information please pass it along and I'll make the changes to the captions.

photo 1: Betsey Van Halsema Dekorne (right)
photo 2: Kathy and Frank Van Halsema (2nd and 3rd from right)
photo 3: l-r: Betsey, Helen Van Halsema Vandepolder and Frank Van Halsema
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6: John Ten Have (far right), Mary VandenBerg (top right)
photo 7: Donna Van Halsema
photo 8, l-r: Betsey Vandepolder and Kathy Van Halsema
OK so the next two photographs date much earlier than 1980. The first one shows Van Halsema sisters Willemina Quackenbush and Marian Ten Have with Marian's husband John and Willemina's daughter Ruth (?)
photo 9: John Ten Have (standing) Marian Van Halsema Ten Have (right)
This last photo shows what I'm told are the Dekorne kids to the right and the Van Halsema children on the left. Any ideas?
photo 10

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