Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enjoying the last days of summer in southern New England

The past week or so here in greater Providence (or lesser Rhode Island) has brought with it early autumn weather: crisp, warm days balanced by cool, almost chilly nights. Summer, it would seem, is behind us once again.

Work has been good for me while the French Tarte is gearing up for her next baking adventure -- more of that soon, I hope.

In the meantime, such gorgeous weather has drawn us outside again and again over the past few days:  on the East Bay Bike Path just south of the city, strolling Lincoln Woods State Park (north of city) and a walk around Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

East Bay Bike Path looking west across the bay.

notice the 3-masted ship motoring up the bay toward the city

kayakers at Lincoln Woods park

contemplating the kayakers and her next move. . . 

Freeland-Davis-Thompson families just inside the entrance of Mount Auburn

The Hughes family - beneath the angel lifting a child out it's coffin the inscription reads "to my wife and child"

The Sphinx

Bigelow Chapel

The Rev.Aaron Green family

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