Friday, September 19, 2014

Halibut Point State Park on Cape Ann and lunch in Gloucester

On Sunday, August 10 we took a day trip to the northeastern corner of Massachusetts in search of water. Located at the very tip of Cape Ann north of Boston, a jutting of land that contains Gloucester and Rockport, lies Halibut Point State Park.

For two bucks you can park and stroll around an old quarry within spitting distance of the ocean -- leading us to wonder if nearby Rockport was named for a port where they transshipped rocks.

Anyway, it was warm and humid but gorgeous as we strolled around the quarry and then found our way down to the beach and scrambled among the rocks. Lots of fun and a great place to spend an afternoon.


After leaving the park we went in search of lunch somewhere by the water and ended up at the Seaport Grille in Gloucester, the home of Gorton's Seafood (I loved their fishsticks when I was a kid).

cold beer on a hot afternoon

fish and tortillas

fish and chips

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