Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blizzard in Providence, 2015

While Providence pretty much escaped the nastier side of this last snowstorm, the blizzard of 2015. the wind, the blowing snow and the whiteout conditions, in the city no less, underscored how nasty it must have been in the rural areas. The university where I work was closed both Tuesday and Wednesday and local government called for everyone to stay off the streets.

So, we just hunkered down in our apartment --  I tinkered with learning how to wipe a computer's hard drive (not once but twice), on purpose using both restore disks and the new Internet Restore feature provided by Apple. Susie turned her hand to baking: especially trying her first ever English Muffins. You can read more about that right here.

Anyway, this being Providence many of the city streets still remain under-plowed and sidewalks treacherous and often unshoveled, forcing many to walk in the street. But the sun is out this Thursday morning and I'm back at work.

out of our bedroom window, looking east up Westminster toward the center of town

looking out of our living room window, west up Westminster

our parking lot -- lots of drifting up to nearly 3 feet in some places

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