Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Thanksgiving dinner in Douglas and on Saturday at Barbara's in Providence

[Better late than never. . . ]
Thanksgiving holiday was a long break for many of us here in the greater Providence area. Since there were predictions of nasty weather heading our way on Wednesday Johnson & Wales remained closed that day. And, since we didn't return to work until the following Monday quite a few of us had nice, long time away from computer screens.

For me, though, I spent the next 48 hours swinging back and forth between Valium and Vicodin as my body had developed an acute fondness for a raging back and neck pain that seemed orchestrated by some divine creature with an axe to grind.

Anyway, I felt well enough Thanksgiving day to join Susie for a drive to Douglas, MA, to join Frank, Cathy and Mieke at Dick and Dorothy's house for Turkey dinner -- I even managed to produce my end of the meal, a potato galette.

A good time was had by all - it was especially nice to see Cathy back in fine form -- and Mieke was her usual charming self. Frank spent much of the time just smiling at his two girls.

Dorothy and Mieke

Susie explaining

Mieke and Frank

turkey roulade, potato galette and fresh green beans

Meanwhile, back in Providence. . . Saturday we met up with Dick and Dorothy again for dinner but this time with Andrea at her mother Barbara's home in Providence -- Matt joined us for veal stew, an early winter house specialty!

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