Friday, May 08, 2015

A trip to Grand Haven to walk the pier and see the Big Lake

A gorgeous day to be at the beach. So we pulled out of Eagle Crest onto Leonard Street which took us all the way to Spring Lake, stopping just once in Lamont to look for a few 3rd Michigan infantry burials at Maplewood Cemetery.

From Spring Lake we crossed the bridge into Grand Haven, turned down Jackson Street (did not follow the signs to the waterfront) and pulled into the parking lot at Chinook Pier. Other than the burned out hulk of the public restrooms across from the fishing boats gearing up for the tourist season, everything look pretty much as it did the last time we were out here.

We strolled all the way to the end of the pier. Lots of other folks had the same ideas, and there were alredy quite a few -- mainly kids -- in the water as well. Susie even popped her toes into the surf.

The "Pere Marquette" forever idle at Chinook Pier

Coast Guard interpretive board along the boardwalk to the lighthouse

Grand Valley State University research boat

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