Friday, June 05, 2015

Chocolate in West Michigan is alive and thriving

On a recent trip back to Grand Rapids we had the pleasure, the very tasty pleasure in fact, of meeting Patty and Paul Christopher of Patricia's Chocolates. They were both at Art of the Table on Wealthy Street handing out samples of their incredible chocolates: flavors that are span both traditional and experimental palates.

Well, our latest return to west Michigan gave us the chance to see Patty's kitchen up close and to get a tour of her new space on Washington Street right in the heart of Grand Haven.

The national trend toward quality food and local sustainability has really caught on in west Michigan. Patricia's Chocolates is one of the few, perhaps the only serious artisanal chocolatier north of Chicago and I can't wait to see the new shop and sample her luscious sweets.

Stay tuned!

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