Monday, June 22, 2015

Day trip to Gun Lake in Allegan County

This past Sunday Bernice, daughters Susan and Joyce and I drove down to the Herrema cottage on Gun Lake to spend an afternoon of relaxation, conversation and grilling food. As a bonus we got a tour of the lake compliments of "Captain" Dave and his nifty party boat.

You would be hard pressed to meet a more generous, hospitable couple than Dave and his wife Marguerite. Aside from their generosity in opening their cottage to the Bergman clan, all close friends for many years, their kindness and hospitality in welcoming strangers was simply inspiring.

We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of good food and warm conversation. After a boat ride enjoying the sun and blue sky we packed up our stuff, said adieu and hit the road pointing the Subaru back north to Grand Rapids.

the group relaxing in front of the cottage
Dave Herrema, griller par excellence!
sandpit waiting for children
looking up the channel toward the lake
patient passengers waiting for their tour guide
Captain Dave making sure his passengers are properly seated, with tray tables in the upright position

heading to the low bridge -- and I mean LOW

heading out into the lake

a fishing pier -- blue gill mainly, so I'm told
one of the numerous channels; looking to the main part of the lake

para-surfer -- this guy knew what he was doing

a few leaps out of the water no less
Dave and Carl
Marguerite; Melissa chatting with her grandmother
one of the several islands in the lake

Rachel and Steve

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