Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to Clear Lake for rest & relaxation and a family photo shoot

This past Sunday we drove out to Clear Lake to see Uncle John and Aunt Marian and were rewarded with being able to visit with several cousins as well. Besides Jennifer and Scott (and their daughter Claire), Susan's cousin Garrett, his wife Laurie and their kids were also out at the lake for a family photo shoot -- part of an anniversary gift their kids gave them for being together 30 years.

It was a gorgeous day just to be alive and on the drive back to Eaglecrest we commented to each other how restful and relaxing it was just to sit outside on the deck, overlooking the water (lakes large and small have figured prominently in the past few weeks) and catching up, one cousin with one another.
Scott and Jennifer's daughter Claire
the Ten Have-Chapman clan: Maria, James Garrett Laurie, Joe and Lisa

Maria Ten Have-Chapman
Berenice (all the way from Normandy)
Aunt Marian and Uncle John

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