Monday, July 13, 2015

Meijer Gardens, late on a Tuesday afternoon

On Tuesdays the Gardens are open until 9pm and in July and August they host free concerts of local musicians. So, before going out for dinner the other evening we popped across the street to stroll a bit enjoying the warmth of a late afternoon sun.

 In point of fact, although we do live across the street, a stroll to the gardens entrance is about a mile or so, and as a consequence we choose to drive since we were going to dinner straight from Meijers.

"Cabin Creek" (1999) by Deborah Butterfield

"Bronze Form" (1985) by Henry Moore
"Eve" (1881) by Auguste Rodin
And then there are the waterfalls that blend into the environment, yet almost sculptures in their own right:

"Spider" (1997) by Louise Bourgeois

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