Monday, September 21, 2015

Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - Sept. 19 2015

This past weekend was the Herb & Gourd Festival at Meijer Gardens -- and although the event itself was a bit lame (two small rooms with a half dozen or so exhibitors), it was nice to see a half dozen people who wanted to share their passion about one particular aspect of gardening.

It was a gorgeous Saturday to be outside soaking up the sun and beautiful greenery just across the street from our condo; and the mums were spectacular. It also gave us the opportunity to visit a part of the Gardens we had not yet seen: the Michigan Farm Garden. Based on the homestead of Lena Meijer, the farm is filled with maintenance barnyard animals and at least two sculptures of Lena as a young child, one milking a cow and the other riding a pig.

Just a few yards away from the farmstead is a small burial ground. Right now Fred is the only one interred there; he passed away in 2011. One can only guess that Lena will eventually join him. An incredible place to be buried to be sure -- simple, yet profound, this space, surrounded by the wonders of young life outmatched only by what must have been two people very much in love. I never knew this family and I'm the poorer for it.
Earth, Wind and Fire

entrance to one of the indoor gardens

one of the several trails through the gardens

Meijer family burial place

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